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Self Managing WorkGroups

In the 1980s and into the early 1990s the Japanese worker participative concept that they called Quality Control Circles (also known simply as ‘Quality Circles’) swept the industrial world globally. It seemed that we were witnessing a work life revolution on a massive scale everywhere. Unfortunately, in the West, this revolution was short-lived. There were multiple reasons for this which are explained in this book. 

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More About The Book

For over 40 years the concepts of Self Managed Workgroups (also called Quality Circles) have been successful in the Far East and South East Asia. Western initiatives using such techniques in the early 1990s were discontinued, and failed to deliver the desired results.

Finally, there seems to be a resurgence of interest. There are now multi-national companies, who have operations in multiple western countries, where Quality Circles have been established, and these are not only thriving, but when competing in presentations alongside Far Eastern and Asian rivals they are delivering equivalent results.

The West now have an opportunity to try Self-Managing Workgroups again… and this time to do it properly.

It is very significant that David’s book is being substantially revised and published at a time when QC Circle activities are celebrating sixty (60) years anniversary in Japan. Not many researchers in Europe have conducted and published thorough studies of QC Circle activities, but David is the leader. Dr Kaoru Ishikawa, the father of QC Circle activities, praised the quality of David’s study. I hope that the significance of QC circle activities would spread as many people read this book.
– [Masato Onodera – President, Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE)]

Self-Managing WorkGroups is a perfect masterpiece on Quality Circles as an integral part of Total Quality Management. The book is written in simple English language, it is highly effective, and keeps the readers engaged till the end. Further, it inspires and empowers all individuals, leaders, businessmen, and entrepreneurs alike. The book is so soul-touching and thought-stirring. Narrated in in the first person, it is definitely the result of his sharp observations, in-depth analysis which stirs a bounty of thoughts, and touches the chord of every heart. I am sure everyone is going to be immensely benefitted by this piece of art and science.
[Dr Vineeta Kamran – Head of School, City Montessori School, Lucknow, India]

There is one aspect of life in which David Hutchins is demonstrably an abject failure. That is to comprehend the concepts of slowing down, retiring or otherwise taking it easy after a long career in the development, promotion and application of quality management science. And thank God for that because we have here his latest excellent contribution. May it be that, finally, ‘Western’ management is ready for the Quality Circle (aka self-managing teams)!
[Vincent Desmond – CEO, Chartered Quality Institute (CQI), United Kingdom]

About The Author

David Hutchins’ international reputation spans over 5 decades in the field of Quality, with clients stories that continue to pour in of their testimonials of resultant operational efficiency.

Acknowledged to be responsible for bringing the exciting new concept of Self-Managing Workgroups (Quality Circles) to Europe since the 1970s, and ranked among the world leaders in its implementation, he has personally enabled the execution of these in literally 100s of companies throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

David Hutchins
Business Coach, Writer, and Speaker.